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In order to give the listener the true essence of Coral Dusk, to get as close as possible to sharing some of that solitude and silence in which the album was created in the Scandinavian surroundings of pure nature, Patricia Vanneste has created together with architect Sam De Bock the Sohnarr Sjel, an impressive art installation cube. The Sjel travels around from one place to the other and serves as a shelter, a quiet haven but also a reference to the shell we leave behind and let go of what we know and who we are. Its mirrored walls seem to melt into its surroundings in nature and the last thing you see upon entering the Sjel is also what you leave behind that same moment: your own reflection, what you represent or think you should represent in everyday life.

Inside the Sjel, you can find shelter by taking a seat and listening to the music of Coral Dusk whilst staring outside through its one window. There won’t be a more honest listening experience of Coral Dusk than inside the Sjel where solitude meets unity, where the invisible becomes visible.

"Sjel – Norwegian word for soul or essence"

Sjel @ Grote Netewoud
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The Sohnarr Sjel is a cube of 3x3x3m to be found in unspoilt nature. The installation has mirrored glass on the outside and a door. Once inside, you will find a seating place in front of a large window and an integrated sound system playing the music of the Coral Dusk album.

The Sjel embodies a variety of questions and wonderings about the creation of music and its true essence, its quest, its making of - but it also touches on how we experience music and whether its presentation and the surrounding settings in which we take in the music, reinforce or weaken that power of perception.

Footage by Dirk Couck

"Sjel for 'Shelter' – a refuge, a place to anchor down, a safe haven"



After travelling around for three years through Flemisch nature, the Sjel has been lovingly relocated for the very last time to her rightful abode in the wilderness of Prinsbeemden, nestled in the scenic periphery of Hasselt. It's a place where her ethereal allure will flourish, surrounded by nature's splendid tapestry. Embark on a quest to find the Sjel and unveil this new public nature reserve.


June 1 2023

Prinsbeemden Hasselt

(click on the map for exact coordinates)


March 4 - June 25 2020

Grote Netewoud, Bels Broek en Heide, Geel - Bel (BE)

July 1 - October 7 2020

Connecterra, Maasmechelen (BE)

October 12 - January 31 2020

WONDER festival, garden of BK6

 Kortrijk (BE)

February 1 -April 15 2021

Stadsbegraafplaats Leuven (BE)

January 15 - March 15 2022

Mechelen - Zennegat (BE)

Zinderende Stilte

March 16 - May 15 2022
Mechelen - Mechels Broek (BE)

Zinderende Stilte

51.016450, 4.515940

May 27 - August 15 2022

Berlare Donkmeer, A.Nelenpad (BE)

STROOM Festival

August 17 - November 30 2022
C-Mine Genk

January 15 - May 15 2023
CC De Ververij Ronse


The Sjel was designed to create space and time in which the invisible could become visible. Within her reflective walls she invites you to let go, to immerse yourself in your surroundings and to sink deeper. What becomes visible to you? How does it inspire you? Does it awaken something? An emotion, a flashback, a poem, a story, a drawing, a melody, a conversation, .. How do you get touched in your essence, sitting on that bench, staring at the surrounding world, with the music of Sohnarr as a companion? Feel free to share your story.


Picture Anton Coene

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