VINYL 'Coral Dusk' 

Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve



CD 'Coral Dusk'

Remus spine digisleeve CD + 12p booklet





Totebag made of 100% organic cotton. Long handles of 70 cm.
Illustration (I Øde) by Lieven Hendrickx inspired by the song Melomania.



Set of 3 unique postcards

3 unique postcards created by 3 different artists and inspired by the music of Sohnarr.

*Ylona Supèr - linocut inspired by the song 'Mermaids Of Bergsjøn'

*Sunna - handmade drawing inspired by the whole album 'Coral Dusk'

* Lieven Hendrickx  - digital reproduction with silver spot-UV details of the stone lithographic print 'I Øde', inspired by the song Melomania.


Size - 10,5 x 14,8 cm (A6)


Sketchbook for the Mind - by Sohnarr & Tina De Souter

Handbound sketchbook with coloured thread and saddle stitch technique. 100% recycled paper of different texture from surplus vinyl inserts from Coral Dusk, old city maps, test prints of the art print - " I øde." and more. This sketchbook contains a combination of lined pages for writing as well as blank pages for sketches. Every sketchbook is unique and contains a different cover, a different thread, different pages and a different selection of quotes selected by Sohnarr for everyday inspiration. 


Size - 14,8 x 21 cm (A5)


8 mini-square postcards 'Coral Dusk'

8 postcards of 12x12cm, with photographs made by Patricia Vanneste during her travel through Norway and Sweden. Every location inspired the composition of one of the songs on the album Coral Dusk.


Size - 12 x 12 cm



(∼ " Into the desolate." )

Limited edition 2coloured Lithographic Art Print:

black Lithographic print

+ handstamped silver foil overprint

Arches 88, 300gr acid free cottonpaper
Artistic Interpretation of Sohnarr by Lieven Hendrickx
Printed at Studio ROTS, Mechelen

Size - 76x56cm

This is an artisanal made artpiece, each print may vary slightly from the master print shown above

Limited to 50 copies


VINYL 'Coral Dusk' - LIMITED Edition


Deluxe heavy weight 180 gram Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve with Mat Varnish Finish with Gloss Foil. Comes with 5 high quality Art Prints of 30 x 30 cm on 150 gram paper (recto verso) featuring 8 images – 1 for each song- and 1 double sided lyrics print.